Behind the Scenes of “The Beauty and The Beast”

An interview with Mrs. Medley


Anya Shah, Guest Writer

As many of you know, The GW Drama Club recently put on their  production of Beauty and the Beast .  There are about 20 stage crew members, and more than 80 actors and actresses in Drama Club. Every one of their roles was carefully chosen by Mrs. Medley, the talented director of the show!  I talked to her and got all the details about the show.  


Me: “What was challenging about bringing the show to life?”

Mrs. Medley: “The vast amount of children that are in this show and all of the costumes. It’s just a really well-known show so trying to stay as true to the story as possible.”

Me: “Why did you choose the show Beauty and the Beast?”

Mrs. Medley: “I knew I had a really talented eighth-grade class this year and I know Beauty and the Beast has a lot of roles. So I wanted to give them the opportunity to shine in as many roles as we could.”

Me: “What’s your favorite song from the show?”

Mrs. Medley: “There’s so many and they all get stuck in my head, I literally sing them pretty much all the time. Basically all of them.”

Me: “Why do you think Drama Club is important?”

Mrs. Medley: “Drama Club is important because it allows students to experience musical theatre for the first time, but it also helps grow confidence by just being on stage and getting over stage fright.  It allows students to make new friends with people that they might not have been friends with beforehand.  It’s a really great learning experience for all students who are involved.”

All in all, Mrs. Medley has poured her heart and soul into this production.  Her hard work is definitely visible in the show.  If you get a chance, make sure to go watch the show!