Student Council is Back in Action

Soha Shah, Staff Writer

 Student council started back up this year but in a slightly different way. Student council now meets over Google Meets. The student council meets at 3:15 after school. We would meet in Mrs. Reno-Puentes’ room if this was a normal year for us all. 

We meet to discuss fun spirit days such as Memorial Day, where students would wear some sort of branch of military clothing or the American Flag, Crazy hair day, decades day, 80s days, May the Fourth be with you: dress as a Star Wars character. 

Overall, the student council is fun and a creative outlet for anyone. Sarah Vastano has stated, “ There are overall a lot of fun activities we do here such as the Shamrock hunt, door decorating, and a lot of other fun activities.” Mrs. Reno Puentes then stated, “ The student council is  a combination of spirit and service organization because we promote school spirit as well as raise awareness and money for a variety of important causes.” As you can see, the Student Council is fun, creative, and raising awareness.

The members holding office are, Sarah Vastano as President, Sadie Kirz as Vice President, Sofia Kriegel as Secretary, and Soha Shah, as the web designer.