Events for 7th Grade

Juliana Pullen, Staff Writer

In 6th grade, you’re new to the school and amazed by everything. 

In 8th grade, you’re the graduating class that gets to do cool fun activities.

In 7th grade, there’s…. wait, what is there for 7th grade?


As a seventh-grader finishing up the last few days of school, I can agree with this statement.  Sure, eighth-graders definitely deserve something special, but what makes seventh grade exciting? 

Recently, we came up with the idea came up to do a seventh-grade trip.  It was definitely an idea worth thinking about, but with so little time left in the year, there would be no way that we would be able to plan one for this year. But who says we have to do it this year? What about making future 7th-grade years more special?

When we asked Mrs.Molina, she thought it was cool! “I definitely think it’s a great idea because I think that everybody needs something to look forward to, and having the hope of something exciting and special can motivate you to move forward….We could even get a  food truck or a Kona Truck and have tables for all the clubs in GW to show everyone what each club is like. But we definitely should do something that could make seventh-grade stand out during school!”

Others thought that this sounded fun too! 

“I think the idea of a seventh-grade day is AWESOME!” Gavin Magno commented. 

“I think it sounds like a pretty cool idea,” Elena said.

When I spoke to Mr. Smilon, he added, “My take on it is that whatever we do should be decided by the student body, administrators, and teachers. We should come up with a plan.  It may take a while, maybe not even next year, but I think we may be able to get something done.”

The overall take away? If you’re interested in making this idea happen, then you should join the student council next year to make things happen, because who knows? Maybe next we could be having a GW day and and a seventh grade kickball game.